Our services

Accredited calibrations
Calibration of thermometers, pressure gauges, relative humidity meters, length meters, electric instruments, air velocity meters, torque wrenches, stopwatches etc.

Traceable calibrations

Calibration of pH-meters and other instruments, traceable to national and international standards.

Accredited tests
Temperature uniformity tests of equipments (e.g. heating chambers), air-conditioned areas on the spot or in our accredited laboratory.

Qualification, validation

DQ, IQ, OQ, PQ and SQ test, qualification and validation of equipments (e.g. packaging machines) and rooms.

Instrument selling
Selling of thermometers and other handheld instruments for widespread applications from our storage.

Measuring systems

Planning, installing, maintenance and calibration of multi-channel temperature, relative humidity and other measuring systems.

Air status measurements (e.g. cleanrooms, hospital operational rooms)
Complex air status measurement and validation of HVACs, cleanrooms and chemical chambers.
Technical translation

Technical translation

Technical translation of English and German instruction manuals, technical documents.

Test of road testing equipmentsTest of road testing equipments
Testing and qualification of special instruments applied for testing roads.
Calibration of medical instruments

Calibration of medical instruments

Calibration of several instruments used in hospital and medical practice.

Company presentation video Company presentation video
Come to know our company and services by watching a short introduction video.
Measuring instrument supervision

Measuring instrument supervision
Measuring instrument supervision and maintaining up-to date register required by quality control systems.