Air status measurements

Air status tests and qualification of air-conditioning systems, cleanrooms, hospital operating rooms, chemical chambers, weighing chambers, laminar air flow workstations as well as verifying of air filters.:

Air status measurements
  • Air cleanliness measurements by laser particle counter
  • Proofing test of filters
  • Performing professional filter exchange
  • Determination of fresh airchange rate
  • Test of airflow directions by smoke generator
  • Measuring of cleaning up time
  • Measuring of differential pressure between areas
  • Measuring of air filter pressure drop
  • Air velocity measurement
  • Air volume measurement
  • Air temperature measurement
  • Air relative humidity measurement
  • Corrected effective temperature measurement *
  • Lux-measurement
  • Noise level measurement

* The temperature, relative humidity and air velocity must be measured according to national prescriptions for workplace status. The corrected effective temperature can be calculated from the results. Working safety criterias are given in CET.

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