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For 25 years HoldPeak have provide suitable measuring instruments for almost any measurements. Due to professional design and manufacturing technology all products have high quality, good reliability and very precise measurement. Due to continuous development the products are manufactured by the newest technology and they meet European standards, technical or environmental protection reagulations.

In wide range there are instruments for measuring almost all physical quantity. There are multimeters from simple to advanced with additional measuring capabilities, current clamp multimeters for high current experts, graphical multimeters, SMD multimeters for microelectronical measurements and car analysers for car mechanics.

There are special instruments for measuring illuminance, wind speed, material temperature, moisture content, noise level, vibration, revolution, insulation, earthing resistance and electromagnetic radiation. The measurements are easier by laser distance meters, electronic scales, coating thickness meters, phase meters, contactless voltage testers and ultrasonic wire distance meters. There are laboratory power supplies, laboratory instruments, signal generators, oscilloscopes and temperature measuring cameras for professional experts. There are accessories for instruments e. g. measuring wires, sensors, power supplies, batteries and accumulators...