The Metrology (Jingstone Precision Group) company

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  • Is an international brand of Jingstone precision group, Focus on design, research & development of precision measuring and calibration instruments.
  • Precision parts and technique all cooperate with famous OEM manufacturers in the world such as Germany, Switzerland, Italy, USA, England, Japan, India, China, and Taiwan.
  • All products are subjected to Jingstone's strict quality control and thorough inspection during the assembling process.
  • Products with high quality and special design own numerous invention patents from Taiwan, China, Germany, USA, EU and are popular in the world.
  • Products developed from mechanical traditional type, electronic type, optical type to automatic measuring system, accept OEM services and has been sold to the world.
  • Has become one of the ten major measuring instrument brands in the world because of high quality, reasonable price and excellent service.