Length meter calibration

Caliper and coating thickness gauge

Our length measuring laboratory is ready to calibrate the following generally used length measuring instruments:

  • Calipers and height meters (0...2) m
  • Depth meters (0...400) mm
  • Micrometers (0...600) mm
  • Measuring tapes, rulers (0...50) m
  • Indicators, inner size meters, built-in micrometers (0...50) mm
  • Thickness meters (0...2) m
  • Coating thickness meters (0...3) mm
  • Feeler gauges, thickness standards (0.005...25) mm
  • Individual length values (0...5.5) m

Calibration of the instruments can be performed in our laboratory or on the spot (except measuring tapes and high precision thickness standards).


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Term of calibration: 5 workdays! Express calibration: 1 workday.