1118 Budapest, Sasadi út 78., Hungary

30 years

We have been providing high quality services to our customers for more than 30 years

We guarantee accuracy

If you buy an instrument with calibration, we guarantee accuracy!


We provide expert support to all our old and new customers


Accredited calibrations

Calibration of thermometers, pressure gauges, relative humidity gauges, length gauges, electrical instruments, air speed gauges, torque wrenches, chronometers, etc.

Traceable calibrations

Calibration of volumetric vessels and other instruments to traceable to national standards.

Accredited tests

Temperature and relative humidity uniformity test of equipments (e.g. heat cabinets), air-conditioned spaces in our accredited laboratory and on site.

Qualification, certification

DQ, IQ, OQ, PQ and SQ testing, qualification and certification of equipments (e.g. packaging machines), rooms.

Instrument sales

Thermometers and other hand instruments from stock for a wide range of applications.

Measuring systems

Design, installation, maintenance and calibration of multi-channel temperature, relative humidity, pressure and other measuring systems.

Ventilation measurements (e.g. clean rooms, hospital operating theatres)

Complex ventilation testing and qualification of air-conditioners, clean rooms, chemical booths.

Technical translation

Specialist translation of machine manuals and technical documents in English and German.

Road construction equipment testing

Testing and qualification of specific instruments used for road testing.

Calibration of medical devices

Calibration of many instruments used in hospital and medical practice

Monitoring of measuring instruments

Up-to-date monitoring and record keeping of measuring instruments in accordance with quality management systems.

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